As we enjoy our summer we must always remember that the period for choosing our health insurance benefits for 2019 is right around the corner! We currently work with Bene-Care to ensure that our members and their families are receiving accurate and trustworthy help guaranteeing you have completed the necessary steps to secure appropriate Medicare coverage. There are many state and federal guidelines associated with Medicare Part A, B and direct bill options and Bene-Care is here to help you through this process. 

If you, your family, friends or employees need guidance, have any questions, or if you want to review different plans when open enrollment starts on October 15, please contact Bene-Care right away to secure an appointment. They work with most of the local insurance carriers and will get you into the right plan at the right time! 

You can contact Anna Rebisz, Licensed Medicare Coordinator, and the Bene-Care team at (716) 688-8161 or Bene-Care is located at 500 Seneca St., Suite 301 in Buffalo.