For Susan Panaro, the end of one career has led to the beginning of something new. A specialist in senior fitness, Susan recently established an in-home personal training program for seniors, with a goal of helping her clients maintain their independence.

Her new venture began with the closure of the VA Adult Day Health Care Physical Therapy Clinic, a department that she had managed for 10 years, implementing and advancing exercise regimes for older veterans with an array of chronic conditions. She subsequently took early retirement to focus on obtaining specialized certification and pursue her desire to work one-on-one in assisting the aging population. 

Prior to the VA, she was employed by outpatient orthopedic physical therapy facilities which provided her with vast experience in exercise rehabilitation and progression.

“There is a growing desire for seniors to age in place,” said Susan. “The majority of the aging population fears infirmity and loss of independence more than death. As a trained specialist in senior fitness, functional exercise is a vital intervention for assisting seniors in staying independent and helping them maintain their quality of life.”

To that end, Susan now provides in-home personal training that is specific to the needs of each client. A thorough senior fitness assessment is implemented to address a client’s range of motion, strength, transfers, balance and overall ability to perform activities of daily living. A written report is generated for the client which will include realistic goals based on the client’s input and desires. A progressive program is then established that focuses on improving the client’s function in performing everyday tasks, with the ultimate goal of maintaining a safe and independent lifestyle.

“One-hour sessions, performed in the client’s home, include various aspects of strengthening, flexibility, balance and cardiovascular training,” Susan added. The process begins with a complimentary consultation with the client and caring family members, if desired.

For more information on Susan’s senior fitness training program or to schedule a complimentary consultation, please call 218-6091 or email